StreetDot Regular


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About the Typeface

StreetDot Regular is a dot matrix font inspired by the 2014 collaboration between The Decades and Head Crack 456. With that in mind, we filled the Small Caps set with dice faces.

Add to that a huge selection of accented and special characters, and you've got a beast of a streetwear font.


This typeface has been designed with the following features:

Uppercase Number set Punctuation Diacritics GPOS kerning


Glyphs 851
Basic Latin 95
Latin-1 Supplement 93
Latin Extended-A 128
Latin Extended-B 161
Spacing Modifier Letters 44
Combining Diacritical Marks 34
General Punctuation 15
Latin Extended Additional 253
Currency Symbols 4
Number Forms 22
Alphabetic Presentation Forms 2

V 1.003 , released July 19, 2016

Character Preview

The following preview is provided without kerning.

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