Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our licenses?

What is a commercial license, and why do I need to purchase one?

A commercial license grants the user the right to use a typeface in desktop applications, on an office server, in a magazine or PDF product,  as a webfont, in a mobile app, or in a browser-based application. For more information about what can and can't be done under each specific font license, visit our Licensing page.

Do commercial licenses expire?

With the exception of our Server License, our commercial licenses never expire. Even if we revise a font in the future and issue the font with a new version number, your license grants you the right to use the new version on any commercial projects.

Server Licenses are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase as listed on your purchase record.

How do I know which fonts I have a commercial license for?

Your purchase record lists the name of the typeface, the type of license purchased, and the quantity of each license purchased. Your purchase record is emailed to you, and stored online in your account.

What do I get when I make a purchase?

Your payment grants you temporary access to a compressed .zip archive file containing:

  • a copy of the license agreement, and
  • the most current version of the typeface in TrueType Font (.ttf) format

or, for Webfont License and Server License purchases,

  • a copy of the license agreement,
  • the most current version of the typeface in Embedded OpenType (.eot), Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg), Web Open Font Format (.woff), and Web Open Font Format 2 (.woff2) formats, and
  • a copy of the @font-face code in Cascading Style Sheets (.css) format

Can I use your fonts without a commercial license?

Many preliminary editions of our fonts have made freely available for personal use, and can be downloaded through online font sites like Fontspace, 1001 Fonts, and often Dafont.

Improved versions of our fonts, with expanded character sets, punctuation, metrics, accented characters and additional features are only available through the Out Of Step Font Company website. Likewise, several typefaces are available exclusively through this site.

What is considered personal use?

Personal use means any projects that are not intended to generate profit or income.

We've also added a bunch of special exemptions in order to help out the DIY scene. More info can be found in the End User License Agreement (EULA) included in our public font releases.




Do you have questions about our digital downloads?

Where can I see full character sets or test the fonts?

Character maps are included as part of each font's description. The character maps show the most common characters and the included punctuation. The character maps have been generated using the webfont version of the typefaces.

The typeface may include additional characters, including uncommon punctuation, currency symbols, subscript, and superscript characters. The product description will include information on the quantity and type of glyphs included with each typeface.

I've installed the font. Why is the font listed twice?

We've upgraded many of our fonts to meet the official standards for the identification of typefaces. Preliminary editions of our typefaces may have originally been named using a different method than the official standard. The end result is that the new version and the preliminary edition will both show up in your font list.

Why do you need my address if I am only purchasing a digital download?

Your billing address is matched to your credit card information in order to reduce credit card fraud.

Do you keep my credit card information on your servers? How is my credit card information kept secure?

We never see or store your credit card information. All payment information is encrypted and handled by Stripe, a secure payment platform handling billions of dollars in transactions each year.

How do I get to my files once I've paid?

Our font bundles are delivered via email links that expire 24 hours following delivery.

Be sure you download your file onto a secure device, like a desktop or laptop, for safe keeping!

What if I don't download my file before the link expires?

We can re-send you a delivery link. Message us via our contact page for assistance!

What is your refund policy?

We can't offer a refund policy on digital downloads!

If you have concerns about the quality of the fonts you are getting, definitely download the public versions first!

What if I have more questions?

Use the contact form to send us a question. Your inquiry will be addressed in a timely manner.

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