Thick Brush Regular


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About the Typeface

Thick Brush Regular is an original, hand-drawn modern calligraphy typeface. The characters were drawn with a Pentel Pigment Ink Brush Pen, and retain their rough-hewn organic feel. Each character has been designed to be used as a connected script - make sure you have Metrics turned on to get the most out of our kerning work!

Designed to create product-ready layouts in all-caps, lowercase, or Title Case, Thick Brush Regular is perfect for advertising, graphic design, postcards, and prints. Just design, print, and sell! Our Standard License gives you complete freedom to generate an unlimited number of products from our font.

Try out our demo to see the Uppercase glyphs in action!


This typeface has been designed with the following features:

Uppercase Lowercase Punctuation Kern table GPOS kerning


Glyphs 129
Basic Latin 73
Latin-1 Supplement 56

V 1.00 , released August 20, 2017

Character Preview

The following preview is provided with kerning.

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