Elegrand Gothic Family


File Formats

Font downloads are provided in the following file formats:

Standard User .ttf
Multi-User .ttf
Electronic Publication .ttf
Webfont .eot, .svg, .woff, .woff2
Mobile Application .ttf
Server .eot, .svg, .woff, .woff2

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About the Typeface

Elegrand Gothic is a family of neo-grotesque gothic typefaces, and is our largest project thus far. Elegrand is a modern take on traditional sans-serif type, and is comprised of modular modern gothic forms based around geometric curves. Glyphs include uppercase and lowercase glyph sets, and European characters are supplied with accents.

All glyphs in the basic glyph set are provided in bold, italic (oblique), bold-italic, inline, and inline italic variations. Elegrand Gothic has been expertly kerned for balanced text presentation. A wide range of options and styles ensure Elegrand Gothic fits in all your projects.


This typeface has been designed with the following features:

Uppercase Lowercase Number set Punctuation Kern table GPOS kerning


Glyphs 227
Basic Latin 95
Latin-1 Supplement 93
Latin Extended-A 6
Latin Extended-B 2
Spacing Modifier Letters 3
General Punctuation 17
Superscripts and Subscripts 4
Currency Symbols 1
Letterlike Symbols 3
Alphabetic Presentation Forms 2

V 1.001 , released March 23, 2016

Character Preview

The following preview is provided with kerning.

Elegrand Gothic Regular
Elegrand Gothic Italic
Elegrand Gothic Bold
Elegrand Gothic Bold Italic
Elegrand Gothic Inline
Elegrand Gothic Inline Italic

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