Shipmates V1.10 released - tattoo and merch design typeface

Today we are very proud to announce the release of a new typeface Shipmates.

Shipmates was originally drawn and digitized in 2014, and we've been using it in our very own flash painting projects ever since. However, it was time to finally release the typeface into the world, to give other people the chance to use it.

For public release, we added kerning pairs, and drew a ton of infill characters. The infill characters are what sets Shipmates apart from other tattoo flash typefaces. We have provided the tools to not only add text to digital flash projects, but also infill around artwork as well. The typeface includes 57 infill characters in a range of star and dot types.

We very much look forward to seeing Shipmates on your flash painting and merch design projects in the future.

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